VR Viewer Inspired by Google Cardboard Workshop

This project involves Adobe Illustrator, laser cutting, and lots of assembly. This workshop requires patients.  You can engrave something into the front (like the eyes in the example).

Cell phones not provided.

After you have created your Viewer, here are some fun apps that you can use with it:

InMind VR – Travel inside of the brain in this first person shooter game. Neutralize defective cells inside of the game to win!

Vanguard VR – Fly through space, dodging asteroids and destroying meteors in this first person shooting game. Make it to the end without running into anything to win!
Sisters – WARNING: HORROR GAME – learn the story of the sisters as you are abandoned in a creepy old manor that hasn’t been inhabited in years, or so you think!

Dinosaurs! – Watch dinosaurs walk around you and tap them to learn about the species. If you use it with our viewer, you will just see dinosaurs on a black background, so it isn’t the full experience but is still cool.

Google Street View – Explore famous places around the world such as national landmarks and other countries. You also have the option to capture your own high quality 3D experience!

Splash! – Create your own 3D experiences and see other places captured by other people. This program is a bit harder to use than Google Street View, and is of a bit lower quality, but you can take videos instead of pictures.

Star Wars – WARNING: This app takes a long time to download content and takes up a lot of space on your phone. I’ve literally had time to type up this entire page, and it’s not even half way done loading. I don’t know what you can do here, since I deleted the app before it was finished loading, but if you find out, let me know!

YouTubeSearch “360 Video” on YouTube to find their official 3D video channel. This won’t work with your viewer, but it is a cool virtual reality experience that works with most modern smartphones. It also works on your computer, so click here to try it out!

Note: This list was gathered in 2014. Some apps and features may no longer supported.

Google Cardboard is a trademark of Google Inc.