Third Axis For Epilog Laser Tutorial

Third Axis For Epilog Laser Mini Video From Jackson Hole

Using the Epilog Rotary Attachment Device:

  • Lower Table (press Focus, and then down arrow).
  • Turn Off Machine (very important).
  • Remove Grid and Tray.
  • Install Rotary Attachment device into the three alignment holes.
  • Plug in the Rotary attachment device.
  • Turn On Machine (very important).
  • Raise Table (press Focus button #6 and then up arrow). Raise table until Auto Focus plunger engages the part to be cut/engraved. If you do plan to use auto focus, then set the table height manually.
  • Snap down the side rulers.
  • Press the Reset button and Turn on Pointer. The red pointer light should be shining on the round protrusion that is located on the left hand side between the wheels on the Rotary Attachment devise (between the two thumb screws).
  • Install your product to be lasered and use the leveling screws to level your product.
  • Measure the (width) distance to be engraved/cut, then measure the (height).
  • Height = Diameter x Pi (example – a 3 inch diameter wine glass will have a height of about 9.4 inches.
  • You are now ready to engrave/cut.
  • When finished with the device, make sure you turn off the power before unplugging the attachment (otherwise the machine will not know that it has been removed).

Prepared by Mike Connor – for Fab Lab Stoughton Dec 2013.