This program can be found on the desktop.

Once it opens, you will need to go to File then Open STL.

Ensure the size is correct. One block on the program is 1/4 of a block on the actual build plate.

Change the Model interior, number of copies, and STL Scale now. The Number of Copies can be changed later, but Model interior and STL Scale must be changed now.

Go to the Orientation tab and rotate the model until it is set in a way that will use the least support. Rotation in the Z direction can be done later but X and Y must be changed now.

Click Add to Pack on the bottom of the screen. The program will add supports and slice the model.

Go to the Pack tab.

Each square in the pack is one square on the build plate. You should adjust the positioning of your model to be away from any print lines you see on the build plate. The handle is at the front of the build plate which is the bottom of the screen.

On the right, you can insert a previously printed CMB file (the file saved when you add something to the pack). You can make copies of each model, remove them, repack (shuffle them onto the best orientation,You won’t want to do this unless you’re taking up a lot of space and using a fresh build plate), rotate models in Z only, clear the pack, and save the pack.

Now you click Print to send it to the printer.