Screen Print A T-Shirt

  • Open Roland Cut Studio.
  • Import any images/designs you want to cut out – Silhouettes are best. Insert the image file that you wish to use by clicking import and selecting the file.
  • If using an image you will need to trace the it:
    • Select the image.
    • When you have your image positioned, click “Object” and then select “Image Outline.”
    • In the menu that pops up, click “Extract Contour lines.”
    • This button allows you to define how many lines will be cut by adjusting the definition of the picture.
    • Move the slide bar until the definition you want is shown and then click “Extract Contour Lines.” This may take several attempts.
  • Delete the original image.
  • Position your image in the lower left corner, moving to the right if there was something cut out in the lower left.
  • Draw two boxes around the image. This will aid in the removal of the image later.
  • When you are ready to cut, press “Cutting” on the top.
  • Select the “Roland gx24.”
  • Click “Print.”
    • A warning will appear – it is telling you that the origin is being flipped to the bottom to match the material, click OK.
  • When it is done check that the cut is correct, pull the release lever on the back of the machine. This will allow the vinyl to roll freely.
  • Remove the roll and remove your image, do not cut holes in the vinyl roll, the only time you should ever cut the vinyl is if you are cutting all the way across it, removing an entire section after it is used up.
  • Slowly and carefully remove any bits that you don’t want using the vinyl tweezers.
  • Using the squeegee apply the transfer tape to the image.
  • Slowly and carefully remove the image from the backing and slowly and carefully apply it to the desired location again using the squeegee to flatten and remove air.
  • Using transfer tape transfer the vinyl cut image to a screen.
  • Mask off all areas not to be inked with painters tape.
  • Place a cardboard backing inside the shirt, this will prevent bleed through and provide a stiff, flat backing.
  • Place screen on shirt squarely, have a Friend press the screen down hard.
  • Place a SMALL amount of ink on the mask and spread around with the ink spreader making sure to work the ink into the shirt from multiple directions.
  • Quickly and carefully remove the screen while holding down the shirt.
  • Wash the screen and ink spreading tool to prevent the ink from drying on and clogging the screen.
  • Use the hair dryer to dry the ink.
  • Once dry, place parchment or wax paper over the image and iron the ink until the ink feels flat (the amount of time will vary depending on the type of and material of the shirt) this sets the ink into the fabric permanently.

Note: Wash separately the first time just to be save in case the ink has not completely set.