Press Fit Kit

  • Open Adobe Illustrator and make a new document that is 24×18”.
  • Draw a press-fit design on the page with at least 6 pieces. This can be anything from a press fit animal, like the one to the right, to a vehicle, to a box.
    • Most people make a box. That is the hardest option.
    • Keep in mind as you design it that it cannot use any glue or fasteners to stay together.
  • To draw shapes, click and hold on the Rectangle Tool. To draw lines, click on the Line Tool.
  • To test fit the joints, take one small section of two pieces that fit together and cut them in the laser. Adjust the design accordingly. To test fit pieces, follow steps 5-9.
  • Change the stroke to 0.001 pt. This is what will tell the laser to cut the lines.
  • Save your work to your H Drive then to a flash drive and take it to the laser to cut out.
  • Put your material into the laser in the top left corner.
  • Go File>Print. Click on Setup, Continue, Preferences, and put in the settings according to the settings sheet. Don’t forget to check Auto Focus AND change the Piece Size.
  • Pull your pieces out of the laser and put the rest of the material away.