Makerbot Replicator 2 and 5th Gen Replicator Tutorial

Rafts and Support

We use rafts to make the print stick to the bed.

Supports are only used if something will be printing at an extreme angle (less than a 45 degree angle from the print bed) or would print in mid-air.


All .STL files will open in the program that runs the 3D printer (names and exact procedures will vary by make and model)

Makerbot Desktop is the software program for the Makerbots.

Once the .STL file is open adjustments can be made.

The 4 icons on the left will allow setup of the object:

The eye allows you to change the view angle.

The four sided arrow will move the object around the platform – also under this option is the ultra important ‘move to platform’ button make sure to click on this option.

The curved arrows allows the object to be rotated to be oriented and printed in the most efficient way.

The bottom icon is for scaling the object. 

A few more adjustments to make:

Under settings you can choose the quality of the print.

Always check raft – this will place a small amount of material under the object providing a good platform for printing.

Sometimes you check support – this will create support material to help stabilize parts that overhang or are delicate, this is not always needed.

Usually a layer height of 0.2mm and an infill of 10%, and 2 shells is fine.

If your print needs to be stronger, increase shells before infill, it will make it stronger and lighter.

Click print, the next box that pops up will tell you the settings you have.