Make a Website

  • Sign into your SCHOOL Gmail account.
  • Click on the Google Apps button (the 6 little squares) in the top right hand corner.
  • Click on Drive.
  • Click New → More → Google Sites
  • Change your site title to YOUR first and last name’s Fab Lab Site.
  • You can title your Homepage whatever you want.  Same as the title, Home, Welcome, it’s up to you.
  • Insert a text box.
  • Introduce yourself in the text box. Include info like this:
  • Insert TWO pictures.
    • The FIRST picture should be a selfie in front of the lasers so you can practice getting pictures from your phone to your website. Walk into the Fab Lab.  There are 3 laser cutters. Two of them are along the wall with the windows that face into the design lab you are sitting in. The third, bigger one is along the wall by the door to the hallway.  With your cell phone, take a picture of one of the lasers (if you do not have a cell phone, have a friend send you the pic). Upload the picture from your cell phone to your website. There are several ways to do this like emailing it to yourself, putting it in your Drive, etc.
    • The SECOND picture can be anything you want (as long as it is school appropriate). Could be a picture of you, your dog, your hobbies, whatever. You can do this either by copying and pasting (Ctrl + C, Ctrl +V) or you can go to Insert Image and pull one from your drive or computer.
  • Underneath your picture, insert another text box.  In the text box write a few sentences about a possible final project that you might want to create in here. This doesn’t have to actually be what you end up making, but it’s good to starting thinking about it. Some examples of final projects students have created are skateboards, light up picture frames, remote controlled cars, games, etc. An example of this section could look like this:
  • A skill you will use almost daily in this class is to take a screenshot. Open a new tab on your browser and use Google to find the website for a different Fab Lab than Fab Lab Stoughton. It should have the Fab Lab logo like you see below. Take a screenshot of your screen by hitting the Print Scrn button in the top right hand corner next to the F keys on your keyboard. Once you hit Print Scrn, click back in your website underneath your most recent text box and hit “Ctrl + V” (paste). It should look something like this on your site:
  • Create a new page on your site. Go to “Pages” on top right corner. On the bottom of that tab hit the new page button.
  • Call your new page “Daily Journal” and then hit DONE.   
  • If you want to spend any more time customizing your website so that you like it more, go for it. This is not required, but if you want to make it look nicer, you can.
  • Hit the Publish button. This step is SUPER IMPORTANT! Nothing will be live on your page until you hit publish.
  • Click on the “Sharing” icon
  • If you see “Draft – Anyone has has the link can edit” CHANGE THIS! This means ANYONE can edit your website. It should be set to “Off – Specific people”.
  • And your settings should look like this   →
  • Then click on the triangle next to Publish
  • And choose Publish Settings…
  • Your website address will be shown here, this is what you will want to use as the “link” that you EMAIL to your FAB LAB TEACHER.
  • Go to your email. Compose an email to your teacher (Cindy Carter or Chris Wiemer) and paste the link (Ctrl + V) into the email and hit send. You are done.