Make A Leather Notebook

  • Open the file
  • Overlap the front (smaller rectangle) with the back. It should look like this (below).
  • The space on the right can be modified to be a flap (the part with the snap on the example). You will use the Line Tool for this.
  • After this modification, you should move the smaller rectangle.
  • Add a design.
    • Find an image for the keychain.
      • Silhouettes, outlines, and line drawings work best.
      • If you have an actual photograph that you want to use, use Effect>Sketch>Photocopy to make it engraveable.
      • Go to File>Place to insert your image into the document.
    • Add text. The best way to do this is to click on the text tool and click in an open space on the document. If you just click instead of click and drag, the text box will grow and shrink as you type to be the size you need. You want to avoid any shapes, even though you will be placing the text in a shape, if you click in or on the shape, it will become a textbox and no longer be able to be cut by the laser.
  • The front is already cut out for you. You will need to put the front engraving in the top left corner of the document and move the back off to the side. Save this onto a flash drive (after saving to your H Drive).
  • Open the document at the laser and delete the outline on the front part of the notebook.
  • Put your material into the laser in the top left corner. Go File>Print. Click on Setup, Continue, Preferences, and put in the settings according to the settings sheet. Don’t forget to check Auto Focus AND change the Piece Size.
  • Pull the front piece out of the laser.
  • Move the front off the page and put the back in the top left corner of the page.
  • Repeat Step 8.
  • Cut the paper using the paper cutters. The paper is 8.5×11”, which means it should be cut at 4.25” on the short side and 5.5” on the long side. This project guide will need to be cut along with ** more pages.
  • Make sure all of these pages are aligned so you bind them the right way. Put about 10 sheets into the hole puncher at a time and push them to the left so they hit the stopper. 
  • Press the button
  • Repeat steps 13 and 14 until you run out of paper.
  • Put the cover leather in and punch it, then repeat for the back cover.
  • Gather all the paper and line up the holes. Place the front and back covers on and line them up.
  • Placing the holes on the left side, start rolling the spiral binding in from the top of the back.
  • Once you have reached the end, turn about half way around and cut the top off, leaving about that much excess.
  • Using a pair of needle nose pliers, bend the ends of the binding in so it can’t slide out later.
  • Add snap