Make a Laser Cut Keychain

  • Open Adobe Illustrator and make a new document that is 24×18”.
  • Draw a shape to be the outside of the keychain. Most keychains, are around 2×2” or smaller.
  • Draw a circle near the edge for the keyring.
  • Add a design.
    • Find an image for the keychain.
      • Silhouettes, outlines, and line drawings work best.
      • If you have an actual photograph that you want to use, use Effect>Sketch>Photocopy to make it engraveable.
    • Add text. The best way to do this is to click on the text tool and click in an open space on the document. If you just click instead of click and drag, the text box will grow and shrink as you type to be the size you need. You want to avoid any shapes, even though you will be placing the text in a shape, if you click in or on the shape, it will become a textbox and no longer be able to be cut by the laser.
  • Select the keyring hole and the shape of the keychain. To select both of them, click on one, then click on the other while holding shift.
  • Change the stroke to 0.001 pt. This is what will tell the laser to cut the lines.
  • Move the design onto the shape you drew for the keychain.
  • Save your work to your H Drive then to a flash drive and take it to the laser to cut out.
  • Select some material to use for your keychain.
  • Put your material into the laser in the top left corner.
  • Go File>Print. Click on Setup, Continue, Preferences, and put in the settings according to the settings sheet. Don’t forget to check Auto Focus AND change the Piece Size.
  • Pull your keychain out of the laser and put the rest of the material away.
  • Put a keyring onto the keychain.