Flip Light Instructions

Web Browser

  • Find shape
    • Try searching for silhouettes, outlines, and line drawings
  • The images to the right are examples of things you could use
  • Right click on image
  • Click copy image

Cut Studio

  • Open Roland Cut Studio
  • Open the Flip Light file
  • Import any images/designs you want to cut out – Silhouettes are best
    • Insert the image file that you wish to use by clicking import and selecting the file
  • If using an image you will need to trace the it:
    • Select the image
    • When you have your image positioned, click “Object” and then select “Image Outline”
    • In the menu that pops up, click “Extract Contour lines”
    • This button allows you to define how many lines will be cut by adjusting the definition of the picture
    • Move the slide bar until the definition you want is shown and then click “Extract Contour Lines” – This may take several attempts
  • Delete the original image
  • Position your design in the lower left corner, moving to the right if there was something cut out in the lower left

Vinyl Cutter

  • When you are ready to cut, press “Cutting” on the top
  • Select the “Roland gx24”
  • Click “Print”
    • A warning will appear – it is telling you that the origin is being flipped to the bottom to match the material, click OK
  • When it is done check that the cut is correct, pull the release lever on the back of the machine – This will allow the vinyl to roll freely
  • Remove the roll and remove your image, do not cut holes in the vinyl roll, the only time you should ever cut the vinyl is if you are cutting all the way across it, removing an entire section after it is used up


  • Solder a wire to the negative lead of the battery holder
  • Solder the negative lead of the LED to the other side of the wire
  • Solder the positive lead on the LED to the silver lead on the flip switch
  • Solder the flip switch gold lead to the positive lead on the battery holder
  • Put in a battery in the battery holder and flip the whole assembly to test your circuit
  • Hot glue the bottom of the battery holder to the inside of the lid for the jar
  • After the glue has dried, place a piece of electrical tape over the battery
  • Place the circle sticker on the “bottom” of the jar
  • Place the long rectangle around the circumference of the jar
  • Place the lid on the jar