Circuit Board

Programs: Fab Modules
Machines: Milling Machine
Parts: 1 LED (Light Emitting Diode) – 5 colors to choose from, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow/Orange, White/Yellow
1 Battery holder
1 Switch
1 Resistor – The resistor value will be based upon the color of LED selected
Resistor Values: Red 100 ohm, Blue 1 ohm, Green 100 ohm, Yellow/Orange 50 ohm, White/Yellow 1 ohm
Solder the circuit board so it looks similar to the picture to the left.
Notes: The LED MUST be installed so that the green line faces away from the switch.
Be sure to connect the battery holder so that the words “push tab to eject” are on the switch end of the board.
Solder by melting a small amount of solder onto the pad of the trace, pick up the part with the tweezers, place on top of the solder, re-melt the solder while pressing the component down. Make sure the connection is solid. 
Do not solder by touching the wire solder to the tip of the iron. This will result in poor connections and will make an unreliable board. Instead, heat the parts that you are connecting and melt the solder to those parts.